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Bristol Walking Alliance

The Alliance are currently working on a pavement parking campaign, to prevent cars parking on the pavement. Other work includes a clear air campaign, commenting on selected planning applications and transport scheme proposals and commenting on draft council strategies, polices, plans and design guidance.

Bristol Walking Alliance is a Consortium of organisations and individuals campaigning to improve Bristol's walking environment


Bristol Physical Access Chain

Bristol Physical Access Chain is a group of disabled people, who give their time freely to improve the quality of life for all people in Bristol, and in particular disabled people. They use their knowledge and personal experience to educate, inform and act as a critical friend.  They work closely with Bristol City Council, as well as building owners, developers and service providers within the private and public sector to promote and improve access for disabled people within the built environment.


Bedminster Toilet Map by Ben Barker (a local older resident based in BS3)

A toilet map highlighting public spaces such as cafes, museums and shopping centres where people can use the bathroom free of charge. Ben worked with volunteers to speak to business owners and other organisations in order to map available toilets and benches in his local area.


Guide Dogs Association – My Guide

This volunteer-based service pairs volunteers trained in sighted guiding techniques with visually impaired people who would like support in getting out and about. The pair meet on a regular basis, weekly or fortnightly, and undertake any number of activities, including using available public transport options in order to access services in the city.

Guide Dogs Association are a mobility charity and their aim is to provide people with sight loss with the support they need to be able to move around safely and confidently, to get out of their homes and be able to live life the way they choose.


The Reader

The Reader is running reading groups for older people in local libraries around Bristol. This is a good example of space being used that’s easily accessible within the community. 

The Reader is a charity that creates shared reading groups are running reading groups for older people


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Age-friendly Bristol

An age-friendly city is a city that encourages active ageing by optimising opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance the quality of life as people age - World Health Organisation

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The Partnership

Age-friendly Bristol is a partnership made up of Bristol Ageing Better, Age UK Bristol and Bristol City Council.

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The World Health Organisation have developed a framework for tackling such wide ranging issues in a way which is designed to improve the quality of life of older people – the Age-friendly City network.

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