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Launch of our Age-friendly Challenge Fund

12 Feb 2019

We have set a challenge to organisations across the city to make their services better for older people with the creation of our Age-friendly Challenge Fund.

The £130,000 Challenge Fund aims to motivate organisations in the city to develop their services to become more age friendly. This might be about developing a new approach, focussing on a different audience, or providing information in a different way that would make it more accessible to an older person.

Bristol recently joined the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Network of Age-friendly Communities and the Challenge Fund, run by BAB, is part of the city’s commitment to ensuring that Bristol is an age-friendly city.

The Challenge Fund, which will fund projects of up to £40,000, asks applicants to consider one of five questions based around the age-friendly domains and to propose how these problems can be addressed with the funding provided.

The challenges are:

  • How do you encourage local shops and businesses to provide seats, toilets and a friendly welcome to older people?
  • What can be done to support older people to connect with local neighbours and contribute to their local communities?
  • How do we ensure that older people know what range of housing options are available to them (e.g. housing adaptations, home care support, extra care housing etc.)?
  • How do older people know what transport options are available and how to use them?
  • What is currently not age-friendly about your service/project and what could you do to improve it?

The Challenge Fund was launched at our Age-friendly breakfast event held on Monday 11th February at Watershed where speakers included BAB Programme Director, Adam Rees, Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees and local community figures, Ben Barker and Simone Davis, who spoke about community projects already running in Bristol that help to make the city more age-friendly.

Marvin Rees said, “I share Bristol Ageing Better’s vision of the city being an inclusive place where everyone feels valued and where people are treated with respect regardless of their age. We are working together towards this goal through the age-friendly strategy and the One City Plan, which BAB contributed to. I hope that the new Challenge Fund will help local people and organisations to think about the impact they can have on their community and how they could make positive changes so that Bristol becomes a better place to grow old.”

Adam Rees said, “The aim of our age friendly work is to consider how we can change the city to be more accessible for older people and be extension everyone. These don’t have to all be big changes. Ensuring pavements are free from bins or parked cars makes an older person’s journey easier as it does for disabled people or parents with buggies.”

 The deadline to submit applications is Monday 8th April midday. For more information about the fund and to submit an application click here or email

*The Be More Age-friendly Challenge Fund is supported by St Monica Trust


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