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Introducing Age Proud Bristol

1 Jan 2020

We have launched a new awareness campaign called ‘Age Proud Bristol’ which challenges negative stereotypes about older people and encourages people to view later life in a more positive way.

Age Proud Bristol features seven ‘Age Proud Bristol ambassadors’. The ambassadors are local older people based in Bristol who have been interviewed by the charity and feature in their campaign materials. They are a mixture of people, including a CEO, volunteers, a skydiver and community activists, who all demonstrate how wrong established stereotypes about older people are.

The campaign is a part of BAB’s age-friendly focus, which has seen Bristol work towards being accredited as an age-friendly city. This work has involved creating an age-friendly charter and two toolkits aimed at local businesses and neighbourhoods with tips on how to become more accessible towards older people.

To become age-friendly, communities consider the eight domains that make up inclusivity, one of which is ‘Respect and Social Inclusion’, which is the domain that Age Proud Bristol is based on. This domain is about ensuring older people feel heard and have a say in decision-making whilst challenging ageism that results when older people do not feel listened to.

Find out more about the campaign and get involved.


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