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Age Friendly case study: We Care and Repair

2 May 2018

WE Care and Repair (WECR) is a local, independent award winning home improvement agency. WECR’s mission is to improve the quality, safety, and suitability of homes so that older and disabled people can get support they can trust to repair, maintain, and adapt their own homes to live happily and independently as long as possible in order to be ‘warm, safe and secure’.

The WECR’s team aim to support as many people as they can, and to provide an affordable service that reflect individual’s needs. They offer a range of home improvement services from free home improvement advice, to specialist bathroom adaptions and home from hospital support to name a few. You can find out more about the services they offer on their website:

There are many real life stories showing how WE Care & Repair has helped people to stay safe, independent and happy in their own homes.        


Ms K’s Story:

Ms K is 62 years old and lives alone in a three bedrooms terraced house which she owns in Bristol. Ms K first approached WECR around February 2012 when she felt insecure with her broken door locks. Since then, she received a wide range of services from WECR. Most recently, due to MS K chronic health conditions, she was struggling with using her upstairs bath room and was in desperate need for a functioning downstairs toilet and shower room. WECR supplied and fitted the needed shower room for Mrs K.

Having the shower room done made a major difference to Ms K life. The risk of falling while climbing over the bath to access the shower has been prevented now and according to MS K, she is less stressed, happier and much more able to help herself with the day to day living activities.


I had a shower over the bath which is upstairs and I do not have a stair lift.  I am unable to use the bath as I cannot afford to heat that amount of water let alone be able to climb in/out of the bath. I do rely heavily on being able to use the downstairs toilet and really do need to use a walk-in ground floor shower.

Mrs K before fitting the shower room


I don't know what I would have done without We Care & Repair these past years. WECR help has been invaluable because they don't 'muck about’, they get things done, no nonsense and it's much appreciated. WECR is always my first point of call and even they can direct me for other points of support. Exemplary level of support and quick response!”

Mrs K after the shower room completed



Mr P’s Story – Major home adaptation Service


“I was completely dependent on the carers and my son. They put me to bed, take me out and help me during the physio appointments. I used to stay longer on the bed, even I was washed in the bed. The doors were quite narrow, and the floor levels was making it difficult to move around. With the old ramp I need someone’s help to go out then close the door. I wasn’t able to go to the garden it was useless.“

Mr P before the home adaptation


“I am happier now, more independent! I can sit in the garden, go out more often and invite more friends to my house. It looks much tidier and clearer now compared to what it was looked before, the changes gave me more room and helped me to use the whole space downstairs. Now I am moving effortlessly easily without scratching the door or the wheelchair and having my shower properly in the wet room.”

Mr P after major home adaptation (wet room, floor levelling, widen the doors and new ramp)


This is another great example of Age Friendly work taking place in Bristol. Bristol, as well as the rest of the UK has high levels of older owner occupation and housing options need to reflect this. The housing adaption service WECR offers older people a way of having accommodation that meets their needs, which is a key aim with in the housing domain of the Age Friendly Charter



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