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BAB is offering volunteers and community activists the chance to be part of an Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods Network, to celebrate the incredible work being done by people in the city’s diverse neighbourhoods and facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources. Neighbourhood representatives are asked to answer 6 questions about their area and commit to taking action to make it a better place for older residents. In return, BAB will offer exciting opportunities to share ideas across neighbourhoods and provide support and guidance on how to tackle age-hostile features. 


Following membership to the WHO's Global Network of Age-friendly Communities, BAB is continuing to work to meet the objectives set out in A Strategy for an Age-Friendly Bristol 2019-2022. We are working closely with Bristol City Council to ensure strategic city-level outcomes are achieved, providing support to businesses that wish to become more age-friendly, supporting Bristol Older People’s Forum to set up action groups focusing on key themes, and providing guidance for citizens who want to take direct action to make their neighbourhoods age-friendly.

One observation we have made when exploring what needs to be done in the city is that there is already a plethora of social action happening across Bristol, but that this could be greatly enhanced by more information sharing between volunteers from different neighbourhoods. We will therefore be coordinating an Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods Network which will recognise the groups and individuals already doing great work, and provide the opportunity for their successes to be shared so that they can be replicated in other areas. Membership of the network will also offer support and guidance to communities that are struggling to overcome significant ‘age-hostile’ features. This will also be a useful resource for BAB, as we will have the opportunity to find out more about the needs of different neighbourhoods and use that to update our age-friendly strategy.


We are leaving it up to you to define where your neighbourhood starts and ends; you do not need to define it using political boundaries or postcodes. However, please be specific when describing your neighbourhood – if it is useful to include a map, you are welcome to send one to us. All neighbourhoods must be within Bristol local authority rather than South Gloucestershire or Somerset. If you would like a framework from which to assess your neighbourhood’s current state of age-friendliness, and to consider some changes you may wish to commit to making, you may find our publication Make Your Neighbourhood Age-Friendly, which includes examples and a neighbourhood assessment checklist, useful.  

If you would prefer to submit your application using word processing or submit a paper copy, please contact us at: or call 0117 9281539.



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Age-friendly Bristol

An age-friendly city is a city that encourages active ageing by optimising opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance the quality of life as people age - World Health Organisation

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The Partnership

Age-friendly Bristol is a partnership made up of Bristol Ageing Better, Age UK Bristol and Bristol City Council.

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The World Health Organisation have developed a framework for tackling such wide ranging issues in a way which is designed to improve the quality of life of older people – the Age-friendly City network.

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