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Communication & Information

Older people in Bristol are able to stay connected and access relevant information that they require.

Communication & Information

"The best way for me to find out about activities and information in Bristol is paper copies handed to me with all the relevant information."
"People don't realise what a great tool the internet can be and it just seems so daunting with lots of places to access information. Having a drop-in IT café would be amazing to help me build my confidence."


Organisations, groups and service providers consider older people when thinking about communications and information. 

Older people use their local libraries more effectively. 

Older people in Bristol are involved in sharing information across the city. 


How can you support older people to gain access to all the available services and around the city? 

We would like to thank everyone for their input into the draft Age Friendly Action Plan. The documents are currently undergoing their final stage of editing. If you would like to stay updated with the most recent Age Friendly developments please sign up to the newsletter via this link:



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