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Coronavirus update about the Age Proud Bristol campaign

The Age Proud Bristol campaign was set to finish at the end of March 2020 when we would return pledge cards from the launch event back to attendees with useful information for how they could fight ageism in their community. However, due to the outbreak of coronavirus the decision was made to postpone sending out these materials until a more suitable time.

Bristol Ageing Better will continue to promote the Age Proud movement through the course of coronavirus to combat negative stereotypes and beliefs about older people. Many older people are having to self-isolate to remain safe during this time, however, many are at the same time able to continue contributing to their communities whether that be through phone calls with more socially isolated individuals, running Facebook groups and more. We can still inspire one another.

What BAB would like to do during the lockdown is to continue to share the stories of older people. We’d like to hear what you have been doing during this time which might challenge stereotypical views of what ageing, celebrate later life and demonstrate the contributions of older people. If you have any suggestions for people we should contact, or stories you yourself could share, please get in touch with


About the campaign

Age Proud Bristol is an awareness campaign run by Bristol Ageing Better that challenges perceptions of older people in Bristol and encourages people to feel proud of their age and experiences. Beginning in January 2020, the campaign will run until the end of March. During this time, the campaign will feature the stories of seven older people in Bristol, our Age Proud Ambassadors, who are challenging negative stereotypes of later life.

We will be publishing three articles based on interviews from our Ambassadors over the course of the campaign. The first article features Niels Hansen (75) a champion skydiver and Judith Brown (81) Bristol Older People’s Forum Ambassador. Read this article by clicking here. The second article features Catherine Wescott (65), creator of BS3 Helping Others and Zehra Haq (64), CEO of Dhek Bhal. Read this article by clicking here. The third article features Joyce Montague (62), Coordintaor of the Malcolm X Elders Group and Colin O'Brien (71), Chairperson of Gaywest. Read this article by clicking here. We also published an additional article about Ben Barker, (81) a BS3 Community Activist. Read this article by clicking here. 

Posters of our Ambassadors will be on display across Bristol from January as well as being published in local magazines and newspapers. You should be able to see them in your local library, community centre or GP surgery.

As a part of the campaign, we have also created an animated video about ageism, which challenges people to think more positively about later life. This video will be played on the big screen in Millennium Square from 20th January - 10th February. 



How you can get involved

Engage with the Age Proud Bristol campaign and help us spread the word. Have a conversation about negative stereotypes and how they make you feel, whatever your age. Talk about older friends and relatives that inspire you to see later life in a more positive way. Tell us why YOU feel Age Proud.

Share our campaign materials on social media.  Download suggested social media messages here.  Download a Facebook image here. Download a Twitter image here

Share our Age Proud Bristol video with your network. 

Print an Age Proud Bristol poster and display it at your place of work

Download Ben’s poster A4 
Download Catherine’s poster A5
Download Colin’s poster A3
Download Joyce’s poster A4
Download Judith’s poster A5
Download Niels’ poster A5
Download Zehra’s poster A3

Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

Make a pledge to help end ageism in Bristol. 


For any further information about the campaign, please contact Vibeke Joy, Communications and Press Officer for BAB.

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Age-friendly Bristol

An age-friendly city is a city that encourages active ageing by optimising opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance the quality of life as people age - World Health Organisation

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The Partnership

Age-friendly Bristol is a partnership made up of Bristol Ageing Better, Age UK Bristol and Bristol City Council.

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The World Health Organisation have developed a framework for tackling such wide ranging issues in a way which is designed to improve the quality of life of older people – the Age-friendly City network.

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